Upcoming Litters

Spring 2017

"Ranger" SummersSpirit Chipotle

"Willow" Springlane’s Selene

UPDATE!!  Willow and Ranger are the proud parents of four lovely little girls, born June 23, 2017.  You can follow them on the Astraeus Silken Windhounds FaceBook page.

UPDATE!!  This just in.......Willow and Ranger are expecting their puppies in mid June 2017!

This breeding took place at Easter. We're eagerly waiting and watching for good news from Willow!



Spring 2019

"Cher" Starfyre Charoite X TBA – more news later!

It’s our hope that at least some of the pups from these two litters will go on to become active and much loved members of Canadian homes, as we work to bring this wonderful breed to the attention of dog fanciers at numerous show and performance venues.