Welcome to Astraeus Silken Windhounds

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Pronounced a-STRAY-us; named for the Greek titan-god, father of the four winds, god of the dusk and the stars. An homage to the Windhound breed and to our first Silken and foundation bitch, Willow, with her Greek connection and dusky blue colour.

We are a home based kennel located in Ontario, Canada.

...and why Silken Windhounds you ask?

With more than 30 years of herding breed ownership experience... Shelties, German Shepherds and a Border Collie…a decision was made to find an intelligent, loving breed that did not require the same need to be constantly working.

I remembered admiring a breed I had come across eight years earlier…the Silken Windhound. In-depth research led me to engage in discussions with a number of breeders and I came to realize this was the breed with the specific characteristics I had been searching for.

Within two months we acquired our first Silken puppy; Willow (aka Springlane’s Selene) from the ‘Greek’ litter bred by The Hounds of Springlane in Ohio, and fifteen months later we welcomed Cher (aka Starfyre Charoite) from Starfyre Silken Windhounds in California. Cher is co-owned with Jolene and Keith Hicks.